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Travis with Yellow Gold

Travis and his first and PB Yellow Fin 15kg on 20lb

Portland 2013

First trip for the BC to Portland

Winter Big Red Time

Benno and Ben with MRFISHO Winter Snapper Fishing

Stewy with a Solid WP 18kg Gummy

Thats ones of the Bucket List for Stewy

Roger and his Blue Shark

Fishing New Zealand turned it on Roger when he caught a Blue Shark on his first trip !

Manni and his King Fish

When Manni hooked his first King it was a dream come true !

Double87 and his New Zealand King Fish

Roger was another member who enjoyed a 5 day trip to the Bay of Islands New Zealand

Anita scored with a PB Big Red

Fishing the clear calm waters of the Bay of Islands New Zealand to land two of 7kg

Charlie loving Life

Snapper is Charlie's middle name

Arno Bay 11kg Red

MRFISHO getting that SA PB Big Red

Bardy holding 12kg of BIG

Another Arno Bay BIG RED ! The Smile says it all !

TJP Having a good day out on the Reds

Best way to spend a lazy day out hooking a few good Reds

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All The Lastest Articles

Written on 20/01/2016, 19:27 by mrfisho
target-one-millionThe State Government has committed to delivering its Target One Million plan for recreational fishing, which will get more Victorians fishing more often. Elements of Target One Million include:...
Written on 07/01/2016, 11:58 by mrfisho
east-gippsland-recreational-fishing-reefsIn 2014 the department established 8 new recreational fishing reefs in East Gippsland. These reefs will improve fishing opportunities for both boat and shore-based fishers. The creation of the eight...
Written on 07/01/2016, 11:48 by mrfisho
five-melbourne-men-have-been-caught-at-portland-with-38-undersized-fishFive Melbourne men have been caught at Portland with 38 undersized fish, including 36 snapper, after Fisheries Officers responded to a 13FISH call from a member of the public on Monday.The Broadmeadows...
Written on 02/01/2016, 16:48 by mrfisho
structurescan-3dStructureScan 3D is NOW AVAILABLE and is set to usher in a new dimension in Sonartechnology. In what promises to be a game changer, StructureScan 3D will allow you to see Fish, structure...
Written on 02/01/2016, 16:23 by mrfisho
hook-has-a-lot-to-chirp-about Hook has a lot to CHIRP about Published at 2015-12-24 00:00:00 Coming soon in January, the new Lowrance Hook series of fishfinders and combos are perfect for beginners in the market for...
Written on 18/12/2015, 15:11 by mrfisho
most-anglers-know-the-rules-hook-line-and-sinker Fisheries Victoria’s Operation Billit has found the vast majority of those fishing around Melbourne’s bay are doing so legally, although they did net some wrong-doing anglers. Operation Billit...
Written on 17/12/2015, 21:44 by mrfisho
stopping-illegal-netting-in-patterson-river   On Saturday night, Mornington Fisheries Officers apprehended a 45 year old man from Springvale in possession of an illegal mesh net at Patterson River, later finding more nets at the man’s...
Written on 13/12/2015, 16:53 by mrfisho
the-lie-detectorThe Original and the Best !  Quality long lasting material designed for the harsh Fishing world 
Written on 09/12/2015, 11:06 by mrfisho
fines-and-fishing-bans-for-abalone-thieves  Media Release Wednesday 9 December 2015 | Media contact: Nick Foster 03 8392 6254 www.economicdevelopment.vic.gov.au Fines and fishing bans for abalone thieves Seven people who illegally...
Written on 09/12/2015, 07:21 by mrfisho
new-study-to-investigate-yellowtail-kingfish-populations   Media Release  Tuesday 24 November 2015  |  Media contact: Nick Foster (03) 8392 6254   www.economicdevelopment.vic.gov.au   New study to investigate yellowtail kingfish populations   A new two...
Written on 09/12/2015, 07:10 by mrfisho
legislation-passed-to-phase-out-commercial-netting-in-bay   Wednesday, 25 November, 2015 LEGISLATION PASSED TO PHASE OUT COMMERCIAL NETTING IN BAY Legislation to end commercial netting in Port Phillip Bay has been passed through Parliament. The Fisheries...
Written on 09/12/2015, 07:01 by mrfisho
victorians-must-be-safer-on-the-water-this-summerFriday, 4 December, 2015  VICTORIANS MUST BE SAFER ON THE WATER THIS SUMMER  The Andrews Labor Government is urging Victorians to be safer on the water this summer with the launch of Maritime Safety...
Written on 09/12/2015, 06:50 by mrfisho
geelong-star-talks-a-positive-start-but-still-some-way-to-goThe Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation (ARFF), the national organisation representing the interests of Australia’s recreational fishing community recently met with the Assistant Minister for...
Written on 04/08/2014, 18:33 by mrfisho
motorguide-trolling-motors-with-new-pinpoint-gps-navigationCH Smith Marine are now authorised Retailers of MotorGuide trolling motors including the X3 Freshwater Cable Steer Bow Mount Trolling Motor, the R3 Transom Mount Trolling Motor, the Xi5 Freshwater...
Written on 14/07/2014, 14:02 by mrfisho
1965-minn-kota-cdr-electric-motor-restoration    Minn Kota are celebrating 80 years of product innovation and what better example to show how far the product has advanced than a 1965 Minn Kota CDR Electric Motor restored by BLA's Shaun...

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