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Sth African 'Policansky' overhead reels.

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Sth African 'Policansky' overhead reels.

Postby Bartnmax » Mon Jul 25, 2011 2:46 pm

Hi there all.
Had a very inetresting encounter over the week end.
Visited a mate of mine that up Lake Dartmouth way to do a sport of deer hunting & trout fishing.
Now, good mate also knows I do a bit of servciing/repair work on fishing reels & so asked me if I could have a look at a few reels for him. So I headed up with my tool box along.

When we finally got down to haveing a look at the reels I was quite fanscniated.
First was a 4/0 Penn Special Senator. These are well known to me (I have several) & I could service one of these with my eyes closed. A few mods, a little lube & she was working as good as the day it was built.

Next was another Senator. A lovely little 1/0. Again no surprised here. Serviced her & re-spooled with some 7kg mono & she's ready for this years snapper season.

However, it was the last that interested me the most. This was a lovely Policansky 4B reel, made in Sth Africa.
Whilst it initially looked rather cheap & nasty I must admit I was very impressed by how smooth it was.
So, out came the screwdriver & it was stripped down. Now I'm impressed.
Massive main gear - stainless of course (not bad for a reel made nearly 40 years ago). Pinion gear was broonze manganese for smoothness - also very substantial.
The spool spins on a remote shaft making it extrmely free spinning.
It had some lovely littlre bearing in it. Drag washer was unfportuantely made of cork & about as waterproof as newspaper (well it is old tech). This was where the problem was with the reel - it was just plain worn out.
I took a sheet of felt with me & made up a new drag washer, whcih I greased with Cals & then re-assembled the reel & bedded the washer well in.
In the end the reel wnet together wery well & was beautifully manufacturerd.

Intitally I was not impressed with the side plates which were similar to look at as the Senator, except the Senators dont have cheap plastic between metal rings like the Policansky. The frame seemd quite tough - made from I suspect aircraft grade ali. very lkight but quite touch indeed. After some research I have since found out the plastic is purposely manufactured in as a shock absorber against bumps, drops, etc. It all came to light then. At one stage, prior to looking at the reel, my mate had dropped the reel when getting it down from his cupboard. I was initially worried about resultant damage until I noticied there was not really anything wrong except a few scratches.
These reels are tough.

After having checked it out carefull, serviced it (including making the new drag washer) & then experienced a bit of casting in my mates front paddock, I must say I was extremely impressed. A smoother casting lever drag overhead reel I have never used. Checking the drag I managed to get it up to 16kg with no problems before it started slipping. I'd love to see what it would do with some carbontex in it. The reel has a 4.7:1 ratio which makes for reasonablky fast retrieves & was as smooth as silk. I'm loking forward to getting ol mate down during snapper season to give this little beauty a try myself. In the mean time I think I'll jhave a look around to see if I can pick one up 2nd hand. I'm very keen to try out the carbontex in one. These reels appear to be bloody little rippers.

Just wondering if anyone else has had any experience with Policansky reels?

Bill A.
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Re: Sth African 'Policansky' overhead reels.

Postby Colsa » Mon Jul 25, 2011 4:51 pm

Shamrock Tackle .com may help you. They sound really good.
Just google searched Policansky reels.

Good Luck
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Re: Sth African 'Policansky' overhead reels.

Postby MexicanMagic » Mon Jul 25, 2011 7:47 pm

I had a 4B which I cleaned up and used a couple of years and like you I was very impressed. Got myself a couple of sub 50kg mako on it and it handled great so I ended up buying another. They are very simple mechanically with parts readily available & cheap. I set one of them up for jigging bait one year at Port Stephens and found that drag adjuster was moving (albeit very slightly) with the continual up/down drag level movement. It would not move much but enough to put the drag setting out which became very annoying. I pulled the reel apart and tried to work out why it would be doing this to no avail. It was only a very small issue but enough for me to off load both of them - otherwise I would still have them as they are a nice smooth easy to maintain reel.
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Re: Sth African 'Policansky' overhead reels.

Postby Threelittlefish » Sun Feb 19, 2012 10:15 am

I also have one of these reels that was handed down to me from my father. Unfortunately it has a fractured Drag Plate. I would dearly love to fix it but I cannot find Parts. I have contacted Sharnbrook but they advised me that parts for the 'Monitor" are no longer available. If anybody has one that they wish to part with for a reasonable price (with a serviceable drag plate) or they know were I can obtain parts/drag plate, I would love to hear from you.
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Re: Sth African 'Policansky' overhead reels.

Postby Scoobydoo » Sun Feb 19, 2012 8:27 pm

I picked one up 2nd hand for around $100, best 1er I've ever spent on fishing. It came with a warning that parts are hard or impossible get, but that you'd be very unlucky to ever need them. Knocks off big wp rays no problem.
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